I am currently working on a stage play that will be performed in the Smock Alley Theatre in Dublin, Ireland around the middle of February. The play is entitled ‘No God Before Me’.

The play itself is about gods, devotion and the quest for followers. It’s a comedy. The story follows one god who has returned to earth after a million years away. The god was expecting to be met with fanfare and praise but realises they have almost no followers. They begin an aggressive campaign of rebranding after a PR disaster. They relaunch themselves thanks to one loyal servant, a PR spin doctor and even a few fact checking atheists. Over the course of the story they succeed in becoming the top dog / god. At the beginning of the story a semi-retired god suggests they not bother getting involved in the affairs of humans, by the end of the story the god knows whether that was sound advice or not.

I am also working on another novella called ‘The 31st’ which charts the adventure of one person who goes on an epic adventure when they turn 30 as is the tradition in their family. While away they must figure themselves out and decide what they are all about. It’s a strange thing to write and likely it will be a strange thing to read.

If you want to know more about my novella in progress or the play then sign up and when they are closer to completion or their performance date I will let you know.