Not everything thing can be a fully fledged book. Some things have no earthly reason to be books, nor do they have any desire to be a book. I like to make space for them here.


Telifis Nua

Telifis Nua provides programme information for the TV shows that are probably only a short time away from actually appearing on a screen near you.

For example, shows like ‘Celebrity Sick’ where contestants will be treated to a truckload of expensive booze before taking to the streets to fill bins with their vomit and ‘The Slightly Racist Homophobic Monocultural Variety Show’ which invites performers to partake in acts which seem to come from either a lack of understanding about different lifestyles, or a sense of superiority.


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The Fictional Tour of Dublin

For those about to skip lightly through the streets of Dublin or plod miserably as it pours heavy on their heads, the fictional tour is a wonderful companion. The tour doesn’t let the truth get in the way of a good story so prepare to hear a new history of famous spots like Grafton Street, Trinity College and the GPO.