It will put to you sleep … in a good way

We all grew up with fairy tales; stories of daring deeds, uncovered mysteries and prophecies fulfilled, peopled by princes and princesses, abandoned basketed babies found wrapped in the petals of flowers and gingerbread men on the run from evil bakers. But why do we only ever hear the ancient tales? And what about the more ordinary souls of the magical realm? Where are the stories of the brave knight buying an affordable car, the young man who buries his feelings by the tree in the back garden, the grumpy ogre’s long-suffering clerk who yearns for a new job on her day off or the college student struggling to overcome the violent and vocal resistance of the blank, white walls of his new room? Tales of everyday magic have been in short supply but this collection of short stories makes heroes of the hitherto ignored men and women on the ground. So forget Goldilock, Sleeping Beauty and Rumplestiltskin and prepare to enter the real(ish), modern and still magical world of Bedtime Stories for Grown Ups.

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